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360DSM is een mobiele web-applicatie, ontworpen om direct inzicht te krijgen in de voortgang van de behandeling van ADHD bij kinderen tussen 8 en 12 jaar. Klik hier

Considering the health care sector heavily relies on the premise of working with evidence-based instruments, 360DSM is currently being validated. A team of psychologists from OCRN, supervised by renowed researchers from University of Groningen (RUG), has started a research track to validate the tool. Results are expected in 2017. 360DSM is a mobile-first web-application designed to get direct insight in the progress of the treatment of ADHD for children between the age of 8 and 12. Click here

The first prototype of 360DSM was created with a subsidy from 'Innovatiewerkplaats' initiated by the Hanzehogeschool. From November 2015 onwards, a new subsidy from Innovative Action Program Groningen 4 makes it possible to develop new parts of 360DSM.

The challenge
Children diagnosed and/or treated for ADHD, have to regularly fill in questionnaires to assess their situation. These questionnaires, which often comprise more than 100 questions, are often tedious and not at all easy nor fun to fill in. Moreover, the time it takes to process these surveys by psychologist takes up a lot of valuable time. Among other problems, right now, the result is that there is only room for a survey at the beginning and at the end of a treatment process.

Time for a change! 
In collaboration with psychologists and psychiatrists from child & youth mental health care provider OCRN, the ADHD monitoring-process has been redesigned and gamified.

A set of 14 distinct key-characteristics representing ADHD, have been distilled from DSM5 and a series of standard questionnaires, originally comprising more than a hundred questions.

With each of these 14 characteristics an animated image has been developed to reflect the core of each characteristic. These images act as a visual-aid to support the assessment. Every image is positive, fun, and recognizable for the child, making the questionnaire a fun experience to walk through.

Want to know more about 360DSM? For more information you can contact Dr. Frederiec Withaar, projectleader from OCRN Mental Health Care (phone: +31(0)50 750 13 49) or Dr. Gerard Dekker, projectleader 360DSM from MadLogic (phone: +31(0)6-5539 4523). 

This project is made possible by Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland, Koers Noord and Provence of Groningen, Innovative Action Program Groningen 4
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